Training Tip Tuesday July 2019

Training Tip #7 (July 30th 2019)

Train in all weather conditions, do not be a "fair-weather" athlete. Race day will throw many scenarios at you and you need to be prepared and bring the right equipment. Ex. A rainy ride will have different outcomes at varying tire pressures and bike handling abilities.

- Danny, Zephyrs Tri Team

Training Tip #6 (July 23rd 2019)

Rest is an integral part of the training process that many athletes overlook. Build in deliberate rest periods throughout your training to repair the body and more importantly, recharge the mind.

- Jack, JVD Coaching

Training Tip #5 (July 16th 2019)

Consistency is the most important aspect of training. On days you don't feeling like training cut your expected time to just 10 - 20 minutes. Just'll find that after that little time you'll feel better and get in a solid longer workout in. If you don't feel better after that time then it's your body and mind telling you it's time for a little break.

- Mike Gerencser

Training Tip #4 (July 9th 2019)

“Rest and Recovery is Key”

I am an older athlete (in my 60’s) and coach a number of athletes in the older age groups. One thing that I do myself and promote to my athletes is to have at least 1 day off per week (stretching etc is good to do on these days) to allow your body to regenerate and adapt to the training load.
- Chris, Triathlete Within

Training Tip #3 (July 2nd 2019)

Triathletes often spend countless hours in the pool working on their swim technique, swim fitness, and swim endurance but neglect to devote time to working on open water skills like drafting, sighting and swimming in their wetsuit. Remember to practice open water skills in the pool throughout the year. And, if possible, try to do some sessions in 50m pools where you can get used to swimming longer intervals without walls to push off. This way, when the lakes warm up enough to swim in you are not starting at ground zero with these skills. If your target races include open water swims, developing these skills year round will give you a leg up on your competition.

- Mary, Lynx Triathlon Club

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