Training Tip Tuesday June 2019

Training Tip #2 (June 25th 2019)

Motivation at times during a training phase can be a difficult thing to maintain. Often our excitement for our upcoming events can waver and we may find ourselves having feelings of stagnation and laziness. At times like these, wanting to get out of bed early and make our way to the pool seems like a huge mountain to climb. Usually the biggest hurdle to overcome is simply getting to the pool or track. However, once an athlete has taken the first step and gotten in the pool, or on the trainer, the rest of the session tends to be worth-while and enjoyable. It's that first step that is the biggest obstacle. The key is to make that initial obstacle as small as possible. One thing that I have found is that it is the thought of a long or tough session that keeps me in bed. I had a track coach back in the day that told me if I ever feel like skipping a training session, to simply commit myself to the first 15 minutes of a practice only. He had actually given me permission to leave practice after completing the first 15 minutes if I still felt that I didn't want to be there. Fortunately my coach was very wise and knew the psychological benefits of getting the body active. Throughout my warm-ups my mood changed. As my mind woke up and my body got into a rhythm I became happier, more alert and most of all more motivated to complete the session. In fact, I don't ever recall having a training session (other than trying to push through an illness - another topic for another time) that after the warm up I felt that I should completely abandon it. Of course, there were many times when the sessions were still excruciatingly tough, but once I had gotten over the first hurdle, the second became easier, and the third; and so on and so on. Making the decision days, weeks and even months before a training session that you will do the first 15 minutes of a workout no matter what will make a huge difference in your commitment to becoming a better triathlete.

- Kyle, Kronos Triathlon Club

Training Tip #1 (June 18th 2019)

Practice pulling your water bottle from its cage on your bike with your left hand. This keeps your right hand always placed on the rear break of your bike. Safety First!
- Karleen, Lynx Triathlon Club

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