Ok, you’ve taken the Technical Official’s Training Course, now what?

  • We’d like you to shadow an experienced Official at three events. Observe, ask questions and listen. 
  • Request assignments in different multisports (Sprint, Duathlon, KOS) for exposure.
  • Call on the Technical Delegate to determine how the event was sanctioned. Ask if there were any concerns, or identified amendments.
  • Contact the Head Official to introduce yourself and make arrangements on time and location to meet on race day. Expect to be there an hour to an hour and a half before the race starts (you may have to take water temperatures for an open water swim; you may be asked to assist in an equipment check for disc brakes in a qualifying event). 
  • The Head Official should not be ‘assigning’ you any duties. You should be free to follow and learn from an experienced Official.
  • You should not be wearing a Technical Official’s vest, nor should you be using a whistle.
  • The Technical Official will be wearing a clearly identified vest, black pants/shorts, probably a white shirt and a black/white/Triathlon Alberta Red hat. Try to mirror them without drawing too much attention to yourself (no loud colors or messages on your clothing please). 
  • Familiarize yourself with the ITU Competition Rules and Amendments
  • Penalties are concentrated in Appendix K. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the race you are attending. There is probably a website and a Facebook page. Often there is an Athlete’s Guide, and there should be maps of the swim/bike/run courses.
  • Check the Triathlon Alberta webpage under Technical Officials for Checklists, Policies and Protocols.
  • Be prepared for all weather on race day: sunscreen and bug spray, raincoat, hat, sunglasses, and comfy shoes. You may be there all day: most races start between 7 and 9 am, many last until mid-afternoon. Shorter distances or races capped with participation (i.e. 200) usually wind up by noon. Officials usually stay until the awards are presented; check with the Official you are shadowing as to when you can leave. 
  • Most races provide nutrition and drinks for Officials as they do for athletes (powerbars, fruit, water, Gatorade) but you may want to bring a water bottle and a snack just in case.
  • Be professional: don’t chat up your friends participating, take pictures, use your cell, wander, eat, or sit down while you are shadowing. 
  • Ask your partner for tips and feedback.
  • Ensure you alert the TD Manager that you attended the three events. While you are self -funded as a Shadow, as soon as you have completed your assignments and the TD Manager has assessed you as ready, you will be eligible for assignment as an Assistant Official and may file an expense claim for fees and identified expenses.

Have fun!