Youth and Junior Development Program

Athletes who were born between 2000 and 2006, and who are interested in pursuing a high level of competition in triathlon, can apply for the Triathlon Alberta (TA) 2018/2019 Youth and Junior Development Program, and may be accepted into one of three tiers, depending on experience and ability. Athletes receive different levels of support and training opportunities in each tier.


Junior Team (Tier 1)

Comprised of triathletes racing at a high level of competitive draft legal events, such as the Junior National Series, and CAMTRI events.  All camps are open to Tier 1 athletes, who may also receive support in the form of gear and / or subsidies.


Development Team (Tier 2)

Comprised of triathletes with draft legal race experience at either Junior (age 16-19) or Youth (age 14-15) races, who show commitment to the sport, and are actively training to improve as triathletes.  Most camps are open to Tier 2 athletes, who may also receive support in the form of subsidized uniforms.


Identified AthleteS (tier 3)

Athletes interested in higher levels of competition in triathlon (moving from KOS to draft legal), or perhaps are moving to triathlon from another sport.  Select sport development camps are open to Tier 3 athletes, at coaches’ discretion and at a cost.


Support from Triathlon Alberta’s Provincial Development Coach will be available at most recognized races for athletes in each tier.

**All athletes must have or attain a current and valid draft certification card from Triathlon Alberta.

** See the full 2018/2019 Athlete Selection Criteria.

Youth & Junior Development Goal

The overarching goal of the Youth and Junior Development Program is to create an environment and culture which produces high achieving, world class triathletes. This includes:

  • increasing the depth of our pool of athletes,

  • identifying potentially strong athletes,

  • supporting and developing athletes through training and major race events,

  • grow the sport of triathlon in non-centralized areas of Alberta (outside of main urban centres),

  • develop coaches interested in working with youth triathletes.

Documents & Deadlines

  • Please read the full 2018/2019 Athlete Selection Criteria.

  • Submission deadline is September 15, 2018 for the Junior Team and Development Team applicants. Applications for Identified Athletes are accepted throughout the year.

  • All athletes, Junior Team, Development Squad & Identified Athletes, may apply here.

  • The 2018/19 Youth and Junior Development Teams will be announced October 15, 2018.

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