Sometimes, when the Head Official arrives at the race venue, things have changed since the race was given approval for Sanctioning as a Triathlon Alberta Sanctioned event.


First and foremost, is SAFETY.

If you see something you deem to be unsafe, immediately locate the Captain of the area to discuss what can be done to correct the situation.


  • Swim exit from the pool is on a slippery tile floor. You could suggest mats from the facility manager or the Triathlon Alberta POD, continual sweeping, etc. 
  •  Gravel on tight bike turns. You could suggest a volunteer be sent to sweep the corners.
  • Transition bike racks too close together. You could suggest more space, or re-arrange the layout.
  • No signs at a bike turnaround. You could suggest using the Triathlon Alberta POD signs, or sending volunteers with high visibility vests to that location. One to slow down cyclists, one to turn them.
  • Distances are not what was approved. Make sure the athletes are informed in the pre-race briefing. If there is not one scheduled, initiate it yourself. Use your whistle to call the athletes to your attention. Pay particular attention when the events are for children. Fall to the KOS Guidelines: TriCanada prepared them using Long Term Athlete Development in mind and the time it takes an age group to exert themselves is relative to the distances used. Speak to the Captain about shortening one discipline if a course cannot be changed.


Some things are not as easily rectified. Like WEATHER. Check the weather report before you head to the venue. Upon arrival, reassess the situation. If you have concerns about high winds, heavy rain, snow, lightening or extreme temperatures; discuss this with the Race Director. You may need to seek input from the Medical Team. Together, you may decide to delay a portion of the event, change it to lesser distances, convert to a different multisport (i.e. triathlon to a duathlon if the swim is dangerous due to choppy waves) or cancel the event. Ask the Race Director if he has a contingency plan in place, and discuss it. If you need to shorten a race, make sure you give the Race Director time to realign volunteers, signage and aid stations. The athletes must be informed of the change and resulting delay. 


Withdrawing the Sanction

If you cannot come to mutual agreement, you may be forced to withdraw the Sanctioning of the event.

  • In doing so, you may wish to discuss it with the Technical Delegate for the race, the Triathlon Alberta TD Manager, the Triathlon Alberta General Manager or a more experienced Official. If no one is available, and you decide to proceed; tell the Race Director that you will be withdrawing the sanctioning of this event and why. Explain that by withdrawing the sanctioning, it leaves the event without insurance coverage and without Officials.
  • Then alert the athletes: use your whistle and call them to your attention. Tell them you are withdrawing the sanctioning of the event, and why. Explain to them that it will leave the event without insurance coverage, and without Officials. Refer all questions about refunds, continuation, etc. to the Race Director.
  • Take pictures if you can of what you determine to be so unsafe that the race must be cancelled.
  • Advise any other Officials and/or Shadows that are there of your decision; and all of you must leave the venue.
  • The Race Director may wish to continue with his event.

Please contact the Triathlon Alberta office, the Technical Delegate Manager, or the General Manager as soon as possible to advise of the withdrawal and send a detailed report (attach pictures) by email.