Many Officials have a bin in their car filled with all that they might need for race day, and fill their pockets/fanny pack/waist pack upon arrival. Please don’t wear a backpack as it covers the ‘Technical Delegate’ or ‘Race Official’ lettering on your Official’s vest.


  • Your cellphone should have a contact called ICE (in case of emergency) with a name and number we can reach out to if something happens to you. Or add it to your rulebook.

Weather Related Supplies

  • sunscreen, chapstick, bug spray
  • sunglasses
  • raincoat, rain pants, water proof footwear and Ziploc bags (for your phone and rulebook)
  • mittens/gloves, heat pack shakers
  • bike sleeves work well to keep your arms toasty 
  • dry socks
  • a hat



  • a small multi-tool (for removing illegal equipment, cutting zip ties, etc.)
  • duct tape (small rolls for tagging, covering mirrors, tube ends, etc.) 
  • a small notebook and pencil/pen



  • whistle on a lanyard
  • penalty card (red/yellow/blue)
  • current ITU Competition Rulebook



  • A contained clipboard can conveniently hold your race information email, contact numbers, maps, pens, and notes.
  • A few dollars for food purchases, and throw in a protein bar. Sometimes we are so busy there is no break for a meal, or there’s nothing left by the time we find it.
  • Take the results of the first 3 per age group from the prior year’s race to use as a results check template.

  • It may also help to make a small card up for the common penalties associated with the distances you are officiating that day.

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