Post-Race Reports

A How to Guide to Checking Results

  • Add templates for top 2 finishers per age group per category distances in Alberta.
  • Add commentary: It is part of the Head Official’s mandate to ensure race events are fair. In doing do, the review of Results is important.
  • Fifteen to twenty minutes after the first finishers start to arrive, you should be making your way to the Timing Company to start to review who finished when. Check splits for ‘sameness or closeness’ and question anomalies of the first few in each age category.
  • If one swimmer was several minutes faster than the next few, he may have missed a buoy.
  • Ask the Official/Paddler on the water if anything like that happened.
  • If one cyclist or runner does the same, ask the Timing Company where the timing mats were placed. Examine the course: is there potential for cutting the course, missing a lap?
  • Google the athlete in question to see if he has done this race course in previous years, if he has placed in the top finishers in a recent race of the same category and distance. If in doubt, question the athlete directly: have the announcer call him to Timing to see you, or post a note at the place where Results are posted on site.
  • If you determine someone has not completed the course entirely, you must disqualify that athlete.
  • The Race Director should not be announcing winners or presenting trophies/awards before you approve the Results. An athlete has the right to protest the results, or file an appeal to his disqualification. 
  • See Handling an Appeal/Protest.
  • You will need the list of athletes who were disqualified and why for your post-race report, and you will need the number of participants. You can get those from the Timing Company in site.
  • Ensure there is an equal number of male and female awards.