2018 Membership sales are now open!

Membership Dues

Please remember that all members who purchased a membership last year received a new Triathlon Alberta number that remains the same this year. Please ensure you renew your membership.

You must be a member of the Triathlon Alberta in order to participate in sanctioned events throughout the province. This membership takes the form of either an annual membership or a day license for one race only.

NEW 2018 Updated Membership Fees

Annual - Adult
$65 + $5 National Affiliation Fee
Annual - Kids of Steel (under 12)
$50 + $3 National Affiliation Fee
Annual - Performance Youth (12-15)
$50 + $3 National Affiliation Fee
Annual - Performance Junior (16-19)
$50 + $3 National Affiliation Fee
Annual Paratriathlete
$35 + $5 National Affiliation Fee
Annual - Coach
$65 + $5 National Affiliation Fee
Annual - Race Director
No Charge
Annual - Triathlon Official
No Charge
Annual - Board Member
No Charge
Day of Race - Adult/Paratriathlete
Day of Race - Kids of Steel (under 12)
Day of Race - Team
$10 per athlete

In 2018, the Triathlon Alberta is introducing day memberships for young athletes participating in Kids of Steel events as a way to reduce the financial barriers of entry to the sport of triathlon for children who are still in the "sport sampling" years. For those children under the age of 12 who participate in multiple events throughout the year, it may still make sense to purchase an annual membership.


Youth and Junior athletes participating in the Triathlon Alberta's Development Program and competing in draft legal events and developmental races (Alberta U19 Super Series) still require an annual membership.


While we've had to bump up the membership fees for the 2018 year, please note that the provincial membership fee DOES NOT include the mandatory affiliation fee to Triathlon Canada. In the past, this sum has been hidden within the annual Triathlon Alberta fee. In order to increase transparency and create a more sustainable financial platform, the Triathlon Alberta Board approved this item as a separate fee. We still are required to collect it on behalf of the National Federation, but it is a separate line item.

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