Coach Registration and Minimum Requirements Policy

Phase I

Effective on: Feb. 12, 2017


1.  Triathlon Alberta requires that any person acting as a coach in front of registered Triathlon Alberta triathletes, whether volunteering or gainfully employed, shall complete specific requirements to ensure the protection of the athletes and minimum standard of coaching as recognized by the Triathlon Alberta and its governing bodies. Triathlon Alberta supports foundational and continuing coach education and expects the highest professional standard for its coaches. This policy will describe the rights and requirements of coaching with Triathlon Alberta, affiliated triathlon clubs and Triathlon Alberta member athletes.


2.  This policy applies to all individuals who wish to be designated as a coach within Triathlon Alberta as well as clubs and affiliates.

Minimum Requirements

3.  All individuals must comply with the following minimum requirements to be registered as a coach:


a)    Be at least 14 years of age

Compliance with Policies

b)    Agree and adhere to all Triathlon Alberta’s governing documents, including but not limited to:

i.    Bylaws    

ii.    Code of Conduct and Ethics

iii.    Discipline and Complaints

iv.    Confidentiality

v.    Screening

vi.    Coach of Record Policy

vii.    Social Media Guidelines for Coaches and Athletes

c)    Agree and cooperate fully with Triathlon Alberta in matters of discipline, appeals, selection, and other issues in connection with Triathlon Alberta, clubs, affiliates or members.

d)    Complete and submit the online screening questionnaire on a yearly basis as per the Triathlon Alberta Background Check and Screening Policy.

e)    Driving abstract (if coach will be driving athletes)

f)    Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Verification

Memberships and Affiliations

g)    Be registered and in good standing with the following organizations :

i.  Triathlon Alberta (coach-level)

ii.   Triathlon Canada

iii.   Coaching Association of Canada

1.    Subspecialty NCCP certifications considered:

a.    Swim Alberta / Swim Canada

b.    Alberta Bicycle Association / Cycling Canada

c.    Athletics Alberta / Athletics Canada

h)    Membership in each organization requires annual renewal.  This membership renewal is the sole responsibility of the respective coach.  Memberships in Triathlon Alberta expire on December 31 each year.


i)    Coaches having applied for Triathlon Alberta coach membership have six (6) months to complete:

     a.    A Triathlon Canada sanctioned and Triathlon Alberta-recognized Community Coach course.

j)    At the end of the six (6) month period, potential coaches will have completed the coaching and written requirements to receive a Triathlon Alberta coaching certification card

     a.    There will be a 30-day period upon completion of all requirements wherein the Triathlon Alberta office will review the application and all commensurate documents.

k)    Coaches visiting Alberta to coach Alberta athletes must complete the following:

     a.    Present a copy of their current valid coaching certification from their resident PSO or NSO.

     b.    Submit an application 30 days in advance (for administrative processing) with proof of compliance with all Triathlon Alberta minimum requirements. Demonstration of current membership with their resident PSO will fulfill the requirement of Triathlon Alberta membership for coaches visiting Alberta for less than 15 days.

l)    All certified Triathlon Alberta coaches are expected to participate in one recognized professional development session per annum.  

     a.    Professional development encompasses a facilitated learning opportunity aimed at enhancing  the skills of a triathlon coach and can include, but is not limited to:

i.    Conferences

ii.    Webinars

iii.    Formal Coursework

     b.    Coaches seeking to have alternative learning opportunities considered to fulfill their ongoing professional development requirements need to submit the details to Triathlon Canada

1  As members / registrants of these organizations, coaches are subject to the requirements, policies and any sanction pursuant to those requirements or policies.  For example, as members / representatives of Triathlon Canada, coaches / facilitators are bound by the code of professional conduct. Independently, coaches are also bound by Triathlon Alberta's Code of Conduct and Ethics.

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