2020 Alberta Summer Games


Welcome to the 2020 Alberta Summer Games (ASG) parent’s guide to triathlon. Our young triathletes had huge success at the 2018 ASG in Grande Prairie, Alberta. This year promises to be even better!

Triathlon will be part of the 2020 edition of the Alberta Summer Games, exact dates TBA in Lethbridge. The host community, the ASG organization and Triathlon Alberta are working collaboratively to create a fun, fair and safe triathlon event for all of the qualifying young triathletes.

The Alberta Summer Games (ASG) is an important stepping stone for aspiring youth triathletes to progress to the next level of regional and national level competition, such as the Junior National Series, Canada Summer Games, and the Junior Elite World Championships.


All athletes who want to participate in the Alberta Summer Games are required to pre-register with both the Triathlon Alberta and on the Alberta Summer Games website. This involves four (4) simple steps:

  1. Pre-register on the Triathlon Alberta website and pre-pay the $60 Games entry fee (don't worry, refunds will be automatically sent back to athletes who don't qualify). Will open in the Spring 2020.

  2. Print the mandatory ASG waiver, sign it and scan it into your computer.

  3. Pre-register as an athlete on the Alberta Summer Games website (will open in Spring 2020) and upload the signed waiver.

  4. Enter and compete in a Zone Qualifying race. Qualifying Races TBA.

Team Selection

The Alberta Summer Games triathlon team will consist of 12 – 15 years of age taken as of December 31, 2020.  Athlete selection is based on objective race performances in each of the zone qualifying events. Two males and two females from each 12 – 13 and 14 – 15 age group will be selected to represent each of the eight zones.

To view the eight zones in Alberta CLICK HERE

Athletes representing each zone will be accompanied by two coaches of the opposite sex.

Preparation and Game Phase (June 2020 – July 2020)

Athletes may be required to participate in mandatory zone team training sessions at the discretion of the team manager and coach. This information will be communicated by the zone coach in advance.

NOTE: All 14-15 year olds will be competing in a draft legal environment and must have a Youth Draft Legal Certification Card. The next Youth Draft Legal Certification Clinic - Spring 2019


ASG begins with the Opening Ceremonies and continues until the Closing Ceremonies on. Athletes are expected to remain with the zone team for the entire Games. Parents are expected to notify the Provincial Sport Coordinator, manager and coach immediately, and no later than two weeks prior to the Games if their athlete is unable to attend so that we can fill the spot with another eligible athlete.

Zone Coaches

The Zone Coaches for the 2020 Alberta Summer Games will be listed here soon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to qualify for ASG?

There are ten (10) spots for each of the eight (8) zones in Alberta and each zone can have 2 males and 2 females in the 12 – 13 and 2 males and 2 females in the 14 – 15 age category. Our long-term goal is to double the number of spots.


How can athletes qualify for ASG?

Athletes qualify by placing in their age category in their Home Zone Qualifying Event. Qualifying athletes might not be able to compete at the Games, which can free up spots for other athletes. In that case, the following qualification events will be used to fill vacant team spots:

  1. Placement in 2020 Kids-Of-Steel Provincial Championship

How many spots does each Zone Qualifying Race have?

The number of qualifying spots available from each Zone Qualifying Race is based on the number of athletes competing in each of the 12 – 13 and 14 – 15 age categories. For example, if four or more athletes in the 12 - 13 male category competed in the qualifying race, the male event is allotted 2 spots for the race. If the female event has only 3 athletes competing, only 1 spot is allotted to the female event. The one remaining unfilled zone spot is rolled down by the fill policy outlined in the Technical Package.

Each Qualifying Race must have a minimum number of qualifying spots plus two competitors. This rule has been enforced to respect the nature of the qualifying events where it must be a “meaningful competition”.

Games Details

When does the team get selected?

The final team for each zone must be submitted to Alberta Summer Games no later than the 3rd Tuesday in June, 2020. Athletes will be notified via email that they have been named to the Alberta Summer Games team shortly after the 3rd Tuesday in June 2020.

When does ASG take place?


How much will it cost per athlete?

There is a $60 fee to the parents payable during the pre-registration process. The majority of all travel, meal and accommodation expenses during the games are included in the fee.

How will the athletes travel to and from the games?

The ASG organization will provide bus services within major hubs in each zone to pick up the athletes to and from the games. Parents only need to drop off their athletes at the designated location and time for the bus.


If you have more questions, please contact the Provincial Sport Coordinator at: coordinator@triathlonalberta.ca


Triathlon Alberta, with the support of the Alberta Sport Connection (ASC), is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Albertans and promoting the sport of triathlon among all age groups in Alberta. Through its Kids of Steel race series and Development Program, Triathlon Alberta ensures that youth triathletes have access to adequate training, as well as racing opportunities within the province and across Western Canada.

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